Today’s access control technology offers tremendous benefits to


Photo ID cards have come a long way. Fargo Card Printer/Encoders


Technology cards, or "smart cards" offer dramatic advancements


Fargo’s line of ID card printers is a simple and versatile ID card printing machine that is reliable and security dependable. Fargo printers sport the best in security and identification features such as magnetic stripe encoding as well as biometric cards to provide you with the highest quality in security.

Fargo’s star ID card printers, namely, Fargo Persona c30e, Fargo HDP5000 and Fargo DTC4000 feature speedy printing (average of 10 seconds), durability, portability and fortified security including encoding technology for contactless smart cards and digital signatures. They also include instant connectivity to a computer allowing you to snap pictures and print them instantly. The user interface in Fargo ID card printers is pretty straightforward, simple and intuitive, with message prompts that always tell you the status of the printer. Fargo printers pack incredible strength and sleekness and are used by businesses all over the world because of which Fargo has attained the reputation of trust, simplicity and resilience.

We at Fargo printers are major retailers of Fargo ID card printers. Our catalog contains a wide range of Fargo ID card printers that will appeal to your Photo ID needs. For further inquiries regarding Fargo printers feel free to contact us at (800) 992-5279 or chat live now with our customer sales representatives.

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